I Have My Eye On You.

I Have My Eye On You.

That fresh feeling.
Everything in the past, the hurt, the regret… washed away with the waves of time.
I am confident again. I do not cower away anymore. I am not afraid of what’s out there.

I am ready.

A simple stroll through the shopping centre, a peek at clothes.
I see a dress to die for. I feel I could wear it and not be self conscious… With heels?


Am I too tall for heels though? Not sure.
As I turn to leave I crash into someone.
That someone reaches out to steady me.
I regain balance and apologise without even looking at them.
It’s when they answer in a deep voice I freeze and glance at them.

And stop.

And stare.

And almost gape.

A tall, strong, gorgeous man stares back at me. And asks if I’m all right.
Then my mobile goes off as I mumble I am fine.

It’s a friend who is NOT important at this moment. I have to say something before he leaves.


It was the only thing I had in my thoughts so like hell I’m using it.

“Do you think that dress will suit me?”

A smile tugs his mouth as he looks at the dress, then me. I stare back, heart racing. Then he answers.

“It would look amazing on you.”


I thank him and start to walk away, then he stops me. And asks for my name. I stammer it. And he tells me his.


He notices my phone is a Blackberry. And he asks for my pin.

I feign calmness as I give it. Then we go our separate ways.
As soon as I’m on the bus home I grin. It’s a big, wide, happy smile.

Then my phone goes off. I check it.

It’s a ping!

From the gorgeous guy I met.

“Nice to meet you. Xx.”

I don’t know why but my heart beats faster as if he’d actually spoke the words.

Shy, I reply.

“You too. X.”

Not sure what will happen next. I smile and lean back in my seat. Then I update my status.

“I Have My Eye On You.”

My phone goes off again. Another ping from him.

It’s a wink.

To be continued…

Makala VP Thomas. (Miss Kelz).

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A Bittersweet Ending.

A Bittersweet Ending.

If you don’t care I won’t care either.
I’m still humble as ever, not an arrogant diva.
My heart is full of love to attain,
Broken once, but never again.
You’re all for yourself so I will be too…
And really, I feel sad for you.
You say you have a real cold heart,
And that is what tore us apart.
The memories I will keep sacred…
For everything, you can’t be hated.
I wish you the best and say good luck…
About you, I won’t give a fuck.
I’m tired of playing this stupid game
First a story of love, now a story of pain.
I wanted to be your only, it’s true,
And now I say goodbye to you.
I’m moving on, it’s no big thing
Or like I wore a wedding ring.
A new chapter begins and an old one ends…
And no, I don’t think we can still be friends.
I’m done now, there’s no make up pending…
This is what I call
A Bittersweet Ending.

By Makala VP Thomas.

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Like Everybody Else… πŸ˜Ό

Like Everybody Else.

If I can’t be myself, then what is the point of being me?
When everybody laughs at a joke, I don’t… Not because I don’t get it and not because I find myself above it.

It’s just not funny.

I’m hard to impress but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a joke…
I just don’t see why people my age feel the need to act like school children, their shoe size and not their actual age.

Am I stuck up?

Is that weird?

Am I weird?

If I voice my opinion, I get frowned upon.
So I keep quiet and observe.
I don’t talk much, but I write.

Like everybody else?

I don’t know.
I’m not a party animal. I like to stay in and read most of the time.

Not like everybody else.

But I do like to go to the movies, eat out and have a few drinks maybe. With the right person or people.

Maybe like everybody else.

I’m such an oddball.

Not like everybody else.

I like to be me regardless of how weird people think I am…
A bit of a loner, a tea sipping bookworm, a nerd who loves to write.
A secretly hopeless romantic who dreams of Prince Charming one day coming to sweep me off my feet onto his horse and ride off into the sunset.

Like every girl did at one point.

I may be different.
I may not find every joke funny.
But I am a nice person once you get to know me.
I just don’t feel I have to fit in…

Like everybody else.

Makala VP Thomas.

Makala VP Thomas

In The Morning… πŸ™ˆ

In The Morning.

Birds singing, clouds drifting by.
Over my head, in the clear blue sky.
Seven in the morning.
I open my eyes to the sound of an alarm….
And yawn.
And think of you.
What you must be doing.
Sleeping, I’m guessing.
The thought of you brings on
A fierce heartbeat.
As I long to hear your voice.
Long to feel myself
In your strong, muscular arms.
I close my eyes and imagine
You with me…
In the morning.
I almost hear you whisper,
But I know it’s just the wind.
I reach for my phone,
Longing to hear your baritone…
But to wake you up would be cruel.
Still, I think of you, long for you, yearn for you.
At seven thirty a.m…
In the morning.

Makala VP Thomas.

Makala VP Thomas