All I Can Do Is Sigh

All I Can Do Is Sigh

They say being honest is the right thing.

That if you lie, it will only lead to something bad.

Especially when they find out the truth.

So let me ask you.

When you’re completely honest with someone

And it still leads to something bad,

Was being honest still the right thing??

I’m trying hard to understand what happened.

Not one lie I told.

And suddenly, because I was honest,

They didn’t even scold.

They went silent, disappeared.

They just went away.

I was surprised I do admit it…

I was so upset today.

I thought that they had left my life,

Slipped away for good.

I wondered if it was vice versa,

If I did that- well, I could?

But it’s not me to be so cold

I’m a really positive person.

Besides, my day had started crappy…

I didn’t think it would worsen.

They contacted me twelve hours later,

With calmness but frustration

I responded just as calmly to them

And with no hesitation

I asked if they regret our friendship

To which they replied no

I was relieved myself and then they asked

If I really thought they’d go.

That question washed away the sadness

A bright smile on my face

And I wondered if I’d thought too soon

That they’d scarper like on a race.

The relief hit me hard, hard like a rock,

And now I want to cry.

Happy tears, heart full of love…

All I can do is sigh.

Makala Thomas