About Myself

About Makala Thomas and her Work


All my life, from the age of six onwards, I have enjoyed writing. I remember writing a story about a magical football at the back of my school book in primary school, I was aged eight or nine. It was a story about a boy who purchased a football, and when he got home from playing with it in the park, the ball began complaining about being kicked about the place, frightening the boy, but also interesting him as he then asked what it was like being a ball, and a friendship was formed. The boy became very protective of his ball after that.

My teacher found the story while marking work and encouraged me to keep writing as she was very interested in what would happen next.

I also wrote a few other stories, one I remember clearly was about life under the sea, and I created many mermaid characters (inspired by the Disney classic The Little Mermaid). The mermaid children had to go to an underwater school and I even created some kind of underwater Scouts for them. I enjoyed writing this story very much. Regrettably the book I wrote and drew the characters in was lost when I moved house. I was age twelve at this time, and from other stories I had written involving magic, I knew fantasy was one of my strong points.

At fifteen I started a project titled The Link, which I named so because I planned to write at least thirteen stories in this project, which were all linked to one another somehow. For example, third story may have absolutely nothing to do with the second or first, or the ninth would have nothing to do with the previous eight, but instead be linked to the twelfth story.

Since 2005 (age fifteen) I have been writing for this project, and am pleased to say I have now completed the entire series of The Link and have begun publishing them online. Aside from The Link series I have also written other stories which should eventually be published.

Also I like to write poetry or small pages slash posts of thoughts and feelings aside from stories. Feel free to view anything you like. 

Since a small age I have always had “itchy fingers” and have always needed to write to express myself. Regrettably most of my work from a younger age was deleted or thrown away because of my embarrassment and self consciousness. Now, today, I am more confident.

I am glad to share my work with you and hope you will enjoy it.

Writers are born, not made.

Makala. V. P. Thomas

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