Forbidden Love 🀫🀐❀️

Forbidden Love 🀫🀐❀️

We were thirteen when we first kissed.

It was magical.

But it could never be known to any but us.

So we made sure we were discreet.

Discreet as hell.

I lied about trips to the library, just to see you.

At fifteen, we could go out with friends,

Which made it so much easier…

Until we were sighted by my uncle.

And so the ban from each other commenced.

Years passed without you in my life.

It hurt. So much.

Exactly five years after the ban, I left home.

Desperate to find you again, I made contact.

The kisses, the passion, the love…

It had been worth the wait for sure.

Again, we were sighted when we were out.

This time, we didn’t care.

We were of age.

Another three years later, we found out we were expecting our first child.

My heart could have burst I was so happy.

Our love had been forbidden, for years.

But it was worth it.

Totally, definitely worth it.

Makala Thomas πŸ₯°β€οΈ