I Have My Eye On You

I Have My Eye On You.

That fresh feeling.
Everything in the past, the hurt, the regret… washed away with the waves of time.
I am confident again. I do not cower away anymore. I am not afraid of what’s out there.

I am ready.

A simple stroll through the shopping centre, a peek at clothes.
I see a dress to die for. I feel I could wear it and not be self conscious… With heels?


Am I too tall for heels though? Not sure.
As I turn to leave I crash into someone.
That someone reaches out to steady me.
I regain balance and apologise without even looking at them.
It’s when they answer in a deep voice I freeze and glance at them.

And stop.

And stare.

And almost gape.

A tall, strong, gorgeous man stares back at me. And asks if I’m all right.
Then my mobile goes off as I mumble I am fine.

It’s a friend who is NOT important at this moment. I have to say something before he leaves.


It was the only thing I had in my thoughts so like hell I’m using it.

“Do you think that dress will suit me?”

A smile tugs his mouth as he looks at the dress, then me. I stare back, heart racing. Then he answers.

“It would look amazing on you.”


I thank him and start to walk away, then he stops me. And asks for my name. I stammer it. And he tells me his.


He notices my phone is a Blackberry. And he asks for my pin.

I feign calmness as I give it. Then we go our separate ways.
As soon as I’m on the bus home I grin. It’s a big, wide, happy smile.

Then my phone goes off. I check it.

It’s a ping!

From the gorgeous guy I met.

“Nice to meet you. Xx.”

I don’t know why but my heart beats faster as if he’d actually spoke the words.

Shy, I reply.

“You too. X.”

Not sure what will happen next. I smile and lean back in my seat. Then I update my status.

“I Have My Eye On You.”

My phone goes off again. Another ping from him.

It’s a wink.

To be continued…

Makala VP Thomas. (Miss Kelz).

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