Head on my pillow.

Thoughts swirling around my mind.


Some good,

Some bad,

Some ugly.

Some perfect.

Plans for the future.

All good,

None bad,

None ugly.

Some near perfect.

I roll over and close my eyes tightly, but that won’t help me.

Itchy fingers.

I want to write.


I am writing.

Family Guy is on.

Stewie has taken steroids.

I sigh and watch, hoping to fall asleep.

I think about you.

I wonder what you are doing.


You must be.

I want to go for a walk.

Maybe that will tire me out.

And even as I think it, I know I’m not going anywhere.

It’s too dangerous.

Ah, Insomnia my old friend.

At times I enjoy your company.

And at other times I see you as a pimple on the face I call my life.

I have a long day tomorrow.

I must wake in less than eight hours.

In the dark of the night I always seem to come alive.

Am I a vampire? Maybe I am.

If I lay still, and try not to think too much, maybe my body will succumb to slumber.

But it doesn’t.

Dawn will be breaking soon.

And I’m still awake.

I make myself a hot drink like I always do when Insomnia arrives to control me.

It doesn’t work.

I yawn several times, but my eyes are wide open.

Another hour passes by.

I’m watching Game Of Thrones on my laptop, trying to kill time before I have to get up. There’s just no point in sleeping now.

The sun is now rising.

I sigh and close my laptop and lay down again, my head back on my pillow.

Thoughts are rampant again.

And then I remember.

I bought some sleeping pills from the chemist for times like this.

If I take one or two, maybe that would be alright.

I get up and go into my kitchen, rummaging through the cupboard until I find the box.

Quickly swallowing two tablets with a glass of water, I go back to bed and lay down.

I hum to myself as I resist the urge to go back on my laptop, laying quite comfortably.

And I feel sleep creeping up on me.


Where have you been all this time, sleep??

As my eyelids grow heavy from the effects of the sleeping pills, I yawn and settle down.

As dreams rush to meet me, I grin.

Sleep won.

My phone alarm goes off, and I drowsily stop it and pull the duvet over my head, settling down for a nice, long rest.

Stuff the plans I had today.

When I wake next, it is dark outside. I sit up quickly and grab my phone, checking the time.

It’s eight pm.

I groan and sit up, trying to shake off the drowsy feeling.

Never again will I take two sleeping tablets. I was knocked right out.

As I sit well into the night munching food and watching movies, I stopped as a thought hit me.

I will be up all night again.

And then I realise.

Sleep didn’t win at all.

If I hadn’t taken those pills, I would have been up all night.

Just like I will be up again this night.

I sighed and fell back against my pillows as another realisation hit me.

Without some kind of help, I hardly sleep.

Which means sleep won the battle the last time, but will lose the war.

Insomnia is the true champion.

Makala Thomas

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