That’s what I call it.
I haven’t a worry in my head and haven’t had any for a very long time.

The phone rings.

Frowning, I glance at the clock. It’s almost three in the morning. Without checking who it could be, I press answer.

“Hey baby.”
“Titan,” I breathed breathlessly. “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” Titan replied, and I could imagine the smile on his handsome face as he said “I couldn’t sleep. Not without hearing your voice.”
“Oh,” I said, a bit shy after hearing that. “Well… You’re hearing it now.”
“Yep. I’m falling asleep already.”

Suddenly my buzzer went for the front door. I whipped round, startled as Titan said “Were you expecting someone Krissie?”
“Of course not!”
“Well I doubt it’s the postman.” Titan’s voice wasn’t warm anymore. The buzzer went again. “Answer it, Krissie.”

I obeyed, leaving my desk still holding the phone to my ear.
“Don’t get off the phone, Titan. This might be the last time you hear my voice.”
Titan chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere.”

I pulled open my front door, startled as I saw him.
It was pouring down with rain outside. And my ex wasn’t wearing a coat or hat or even a jumper.
Water dripped from all over his body, head to toe.

“Krissie-” his voice cracked. “I need you.”
I stared at him, then the strong smell of alcohol hit me.
“Are you drunk?!”
“I went clubbing.” Jake wiped water from his face. “And Lola told me you’re seeing some hotshot you met in Westfield Stratty.”
I scowled at him. “And so what if I am?”
“I want you to stop seeing him,” Jake said, anger creeping up on both of us as he said “Whatever he does, I can do better.”
“Are you serious?!”
“I’m just saying, Krissie.”

We stared at each other for a minute, then I said “You’re on some Marvin’s Room wave, aren’t you?”
Jake grinned at me, swaying on the spot a little.

“That was our song, do you remember? You have like ten versions.”
“Jake, it’s late. Can you just go please? I want to go to sleep. Like now.”
Jake opened his mouth, then he stopped.
Suddenly he doubled over and threw up right in front of my front door.
“Nice,” I said disgustedly. “Why the hell are you so drunk?”
“I was trying to forget you,” gasped Jake as he threw up again, and I snapped “Just get in here before I take your cheap twenty pound ass and make change.”

Jake stumbled inside my house, thunder rumbling outside. The rain started to fall even heavier.

“First of all, go and get a shower,” I said icily. “I’ll make you a coffee and some toast to help get rid of your hangover.”
“Isn’t it too early for a hangover?” He said, wincing as he walked unsteadily into my bathroom suite. “I mean like, that comes the next day.”
“I said it will help get rid of it,” I snapped, and Jake said “Right, but it’s not even here. Why not make it when I actually have the hangover?”

I glared at him, and he grinned at me before he said “I’m just saying.”
“Just get in the shower and shut up.”
Jake smirked before he sauntered into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
Then I remembered Titan, almost panicking as I pulled the phone out of my pocket. “Hello? Babe?”
“Hey,” Titan said gently. “Case of the ex, right?”
“Right,” I said softly. “Do you trust me?”
“You haven’t given me a reason not to,” he replied. “Nothing’s going to happen. Right?”

“Right,” I said softly. “I’m going to go, Titan. Jake is a handful when he’s not drunk. When he’s like this-”
“It’s ok, Kris. Talk to you later in the morning.”

I ended the call and went into the kitchen, turning the kettle on as I muttered “Why did I even let him in?”

Half an hour later Jake was munching his toast at the dining table. Sipping his coffee, he said “I missed this.”
I was glaring at him, arms folded as I stood by the kitchen counter. I really shouldn’t have let him in. But I couldn’t let him wander about drunk in the rain with no hat coat or even jumper.

Jake smiled at me, and I scowled before curiosity got the better of me.
“Missed what, Jake?”

“This.” Jake picked up his third slice of toast. “Me being able to come at any time, if I was really missing you.”
“This is a one off,” I said icily. “If your drunken self got hit by a car because I didn’t let you in, I’d have to live with the relief.”
“The relief??”
“Guilt then,” I said, amused when he grinned at me. “Drink the whole of your coffee and rest on the sofa for the night.”

Jake stared blankly at me. Then he said “But you have three guest rooms.”
“You don’t have the right to put any part of your body on anything of mine unless I say so. And that includes my beds in the guest rooms.” I smirked at him. “If you’d rather go home and sober up there-”
“No, I’ll take the sofa,” Jake said, and I scowled at him.
“Fine. You know where the spare duvets are. I’m going to bed.”

Jake pouted. “Now? It’s still early!”’
“It’s soon four in the morning,” I said flatly. “I’m going to bed. Goodnight Jake.”
“I’ll see you in the morning.”
Without saying another word, I made my way up into my room, then I called “Tidy up after yourself!”
“I will, if you give me a massage,” Jake called back, and I scowled before I called “I will when Hell freezes over!”’
“You don’t know Hell is some kind of burning world under us,” Jake said, on the stairs now. “Were you there in a previous life?”
“No, but-”
“For all we know Hell could be a pit of ice. Which means you’ll massage me when Hell burns up!”
“Jake, I-”
“What’s your comeback?” He cut across, smirking, and I said “According to the Bible-”
“A book created by humans.” Jake shook his head. “ I thought you were smarter than this.”
Not in the mood for a debate, I said “I’m going to bed. Good night Jake.”


(Makala Thomas)

 Krissie Taylor cover

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