No Daddy

When people ask about my father

I hardly ever reply.

When I think of all the pain he caused

I just shake my head and sigh.

When I remember the way he treated me

I used to ask Mum why.

I used to weep at night alone,

Wishing I could try.

To make him love me as his own,

A daughter he would want.

To make him forget my skin tone and features

But I know he wont.

Even when he pretended,

I knew it wasn’t true.

He’d never think of me as his

For years it left me blue.

I knew he’d never love me

Even when I was a child

And when I reached my teen years

The thought of him made me wild.

I hated what he did to me,

I hated how I felt.

But I never wished ill on him ever

And that was how I dealt

With all the hurt and all the pain

I was still very polite

I used to wonder if he even liked me

I used to hope he might.

My Daddy is a lost cause

So now I’m moving on.

I have my own life and a child now…

Thoughts of Dad be gone.

Makala Thomas


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