Not What You Think

It’s white.

And I cant get enough of it.

I love when it enters my mouth slowly

And I swallow all of it.

So much love for the swallowing.

Passion for the flavour.

It’s so thick and nice.

It gives me pleasure to digest it.

I swirl it around in my mouth

Before I swallow it all.

Yes all.

And I’m greedy.

It’s not more than a tablespoon full.

I want more.

I crave more.

So I come back again for my seconds.

Another tablespoon full at his protest.

He says I’m too greedy.

That it’s time to relax.

I need to finish this,

Satisfy my craving for the thick white cream.

I’m done devouring moments later.

It’s so nice…

So thick…

So creamy.


I really love yogurt.

Makala Thomas


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