Thunder Was Booming

Thunder was booming.

Rain was pouring.

I had no coat.

I was soaked.

But I knew where I was going.

I was going to the home of the one

Who had my heart.

They had moved on months ago,

And I was stuck in a mental cage

Surrounded by memories

Missing the happiness I felt

While with them.

Thunder was booming.

Rain was pouring.

I walked and walked

Not wanting to get the bus

My determination

Gave me strength to walk

For over an hour

In this horrible weather

All I could think was

“I’m going to get you back,

No matter what it takes.

It was me that messed up,

And I’m paying for it.

But I will get you back.”

Thunder was booming.

Rain was pouring.

Your house is finally in sight.

I run and ring the doorbell

Over five times.

I see the lights are on so I know

You are in.

You open the door and stare at me.

Water is running down my face,

But I don’t care.

The first thing I managed was

“I was an idiot. I don’t want everything

We built to crumble because of me.

I just-”

You pull me into the house

Before I could finish saying

What I had to say.

“You really are an idiot. You’re going

To get the flu or something worse!”

I hang my head, then you smile.

“You’re my idiot. I’m sorry too.

I was going to call you today,

I wanted to call every day

Since we split.

I just decided to give you space.”

Thunder was booming.

Rain was pouring.

I was warm in a woolly tracksuit

I left here months ago.

We were snuggled on your couch

With hot chocolate,

Our free hands in each others.

I smiled, so glad I made the decision

To get you back.

You will always be my everything.

And even though I was afraid

Of being rejected,

I was determined to try anyway.

Love always finds a way.

Makala Thomas.


Like Everybody Else… ðŸ˜¼

Like Everybody Else.

If I can’t be myself, then what is the point of being me?
When everybody laughs at a joke, I don’t… Not because I don’t get it and not because I find myself above it.

It’s just not funny.

I’m hard to impress but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a joke…
I just don’t see why people my age feel the need to act like school children, their shoe size and not their actual age.

Am I stuck up?

Is that weird?

Am I weird?

If I voice my opinion, I get frowned upon.
So I keep quiet and observe.
I don’t talk much, but I write.

Like everybody else?

I don’t know.
I’m not a party animal. I like to stay in and read most of the time.

Not like everybody else.

But I do like to go to the movies, eat out and have a few drinks maybe. With the right person or people.

Maybe like everybody else.

I’m such an oddball.

Not like everybody else.

I like to be me regardless of how weird people think I am…
A bit of a loner, a tea sipping bookworm, a nerd who loves to write.
A secretly hopeless romantic who dreams of Prince Charming one day coming to sweep me off my feet onto his horse and ride off into the sunset.

Like every girl did at one point.

I may be different.
I may not find every joke funny.
But I am a nice person once you get to know me.
I just don’t feel I have to fit in…

Like everybody else.

Makala VP Thomas.

Makala VP Thomas