Absolutely happy after being melancholy for a long time.
Beginning to see things really do get better.
Can’t stand some members of my family.
Doing really well for myself and my daughter.
Easily motivated because my work is also my hobby.
Feeling like nothing can hurt me although I know it can.
Going places.
Humble at all times.
I wish every day was a good one.
Just want to wish everyone a great day.
Knowledge is power.
Love is magical and I always have some to give.
Music gets me through the dark days.
Nevaeh is the name of my little girl.
Optimism has always been a trait of mine.
People come and go like seasons.
Queening is a term I find silly.
Really wish I could laze in bed every weekend.
Sometimes I smile in company and act happy when I just want to curl up and cry.
Twitter isn’t something I’m on all day.
Underneath my tough exterior is a really nice friendly person.
Very into fantasy shows and movies but I was never into Twilight!
Winter is my favourite season.
Xi is a word I never knew until I played Scrabble.
Yesterday is the past but the memories are still fresh.
Zombies are cool in movies but I believe there will never be a zombie apocalypse.


Makala Thomas πŸ™‚



(In order, I wrote sentences starting with each letter from the alphabet, mainly thoughts and feelings. Give it a try!)






Head on my pillow.

Thoughts swirling around my mind.


Some good, 

Some bad,

Some ugly.

Some perfect.

Plans for the future.

All good,

None bad,

None ugly.

Some near perfect.

I roll over and close my eyes tightly, but that won’t help me.

Itchy fingers.

I want to write.


I am writing.

Family Guy is on.

Stewie has taken steroids.

I sigh and watch, hoping to fall asleep.

I think about you.

I wonder what you are doing.


You must be.

I want to go for a walk.

Maybe that will tire me out.

And even as I think it, I know I’m not going anywhere.

It’s too dangerous.

Ah, Insomnia my old friend.

At times I enjoy your company.

And at other times I see you as a pimple on the face I call my life.

I have a long day tomorrow.

I must wake in less than eight hours.

In the dark of the night I always seem to come alive.

Am I a vampire? Maybe I am.

If I lay still, and try not to think too much, maybe my body will succumb to slumber.

But it doesn’t.

Dawn will be breaking soon.

And I’m still awake.

I make myself a hot drink like I always do when Insomnia arrives to control me.

It doesn’t work.

I yawn several times, but my eyes are wide open.

Another hour passes by.

I’m watching Game Of Thrones on my laptop, trying to kill time before I have to get up. There’s just no point in sleeping now.

The sun is now rising.

I sigh and close my laptop and lay down again, my head back on my pillow.

Thoughts are rampant again.

And then I remember.

I bought some sleeping pills from the chemist for times like this.

If I take one or two, maybe that would be alright.

I get up and go into my kitchen, rummaging through the cupboard until I find the box.

Quickly swallowing two tablets with a glass of water, I go back to bed and lay down.

I hum to myself as I resist the urge to go back on my laptop, laying quite comfortably.

And I feel sleep creeping up on me.


Where have you been all this time, sleep??

As my eyelids grow heavy from the effects of the sleeping pills, I yawn and settle down.

As dreams rush to meet me, I grin.

Sleep won.

My phone alarm goes off, and I drowsily stop it and pull the duvet over my head, settling down for a nice, long rest.

Stuff the plans I had today.

When I wake next, it is dark outside. I sit up quickly and grab my phone, checking the time.

It’s eight pm.

I groan and sit up, trying to shake off the drowsy feeling.

Never again will I take two sleeping tablets. I was knocked right out.

As I sit well into the night munching food and watching movies, I stopped as a thought hit me.

I will be up all night again.

And then I realise.

Sleep didn’t win at all.

If I hadn’t taken those pills, I would have been up all night.

Just like I will be up again this night.

I sighed and fell back against my pillows as another realisation hit me.

Without some kind of help, I hardly sleep. 

Which means sleep won the battle the last time, but will lose the war.

Insomnia is the true champion.

Makala Thomas


Basking In The Glow Of The Sun

I’m basking in the glow of the sun

Thinking you must be the One

Instead of thinking “No!” With fright,

I’m totally certain you might.

My mind wanders to you,

And I know what I feel is true.

Before that sun turns to the moon,

I know you will be here soon.

And then I can tell you

Just how I feel

About the both of us,

And our love which is real

As the sun sets,

We will dine together,

And maybe discuss

The brilliant change in weather…

Before we kiss and cuddle,

Hold hands and snuggle,

And whisper sweet nothings

Into the night…

I’ll sum up the courage

To ask you to stay over;

And if I sound urgent,

You might!

When I wake you’ll be gone,

Early in the morning,

Off to work,

And I’ll sit up yawning,

Knowing you are the one.

I’ll stand and pull up my blinds

A big smile on my face,

And bask in the glow of the sun.

Makala Thomas


Sneaky Peek on Stellar 1

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A New Beginning

When life throws lemons at you, just make lemonade and take a sip of that sweet stuff.
This has been a good year in general for me. Someone decided to leave my life for reasons I’m not certain of, and someone from the past has re-entered it.
We all get ups and downs in life that’s just how it is. But it’s down to you what you make of it and how you handle it.
Sometimes life can be a little rough. I’m not saying it’s easy because then I would be a liar. I went through a lot in 2009 and the previous year, 2008, had been such a good one.
Since then, I have gotten back on my feet. Time healed me and I am a happy woman today. I finally found peace.
That’s life.
Even if it’s stormy at the moment in your life, that doesn’t mean you aren’t destined for sunshine.
2015 is going to be a good year I can feel it. That is why I’m writing this on the last day of 2014.
I have love, happiness, and plenty of hope.
I am positive.
I am looking forward to this New Beginning.

Wishful Thinking (Domestic Violence) πŸ‘Ž

Wishful Thinking.

I warned you about the risks you were taking from being with him.

When he first hit you, the anger I felt was immense. I told you to get away, leave him, go back to your mother’s or even come to mine.

You refused.

As I stare at the priest talking, I go back to brooding on the church bench.

You told me after that first time that it was your fault, you went out to see your sister when you should have made dinner for him. That you could see why he hit you.

I couldn’t make you see sense. I told you again to leave. You refused, saying the love is there, he just doesn’t know how to express it.

And then he hit you again a week later. You tried to deny it, but the bruised eye, the swollen lip, the limping was enough evidence.

You told me again he didn’t mean it. I told you again to leave.

You couldn’t, because you found out you were expecting a baby. That was your excuse for not leaving him and that was his excuse for hitting you. You said it was shock, that’s why he lashed out. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

A month later you ended up unconscious in hospital, and that is when I reported everything to the police and your family.

But you denied everything. Your family knew you were lying. The police knew. Everyone but you could see this would only get worse.

You held your tongue after that and suffered in silence. You stopped answering my calls and texts. It was frustrating but I gave you your space.

Everyone in the church is standing while I sit thinking of you. I quickly open the hymn book and stand too.

I should have done more. I should have forced you to talk to the police. You were expecting a baby.

I can’t stop the tears as I gaze at the coffin which holds your body.

When I got the call that you were found unconscious, I knew it was him. I told the police again and they seized him.

Now he’s doing time for manslaughter. But it’s not enough. No amount of years will bring you back.

Your coffin is carried out of the church, everyone following solemnly.

I can hardly stand as you are lowered into the ground, gone.

Gone because you were in denial.

Gone because you believed he loved you.

Gone because you believed he would change.

Gone because of your wishful thinking.

Domestic Violence is a serious thing and shouldn’t be ignored. If you or someone you know are suffering at the abuse of another, do not hesitate to get help. I know it is easier said than done, but think of yourself or that person and what you or they are going through.

Nobody should have to suffer.

Makala Thomas. πŸ™Œ