Jeiklee Has Arrived!! A New Novel

“Jeiklee always knew he didn’t fit in with ‘normal’ people. They always found him odd. When he met Spirit McKenzie, a witch from another world, his worst fears and dreams came true. Jeiklee discovered he had magical powers and was from the magical world of Severna, a place full of love, light, darkness, and magic. After he meeting his real parents, Jeiklee soon develops feeling for Spirit that he cant deny, and they both end up going on a five day adventure! What Jeiklee finds out while away changes his perspective on the man everybody seems to fear and hate… Count Dracula. Jeiklee realises Dracula is far from the evil being he was made out to be, and sees for himself that he isn’t evil at all, being Count Dracula the Fifteenth. Jeiklee also discovers that his mother Leticia and Dracula were best friends, childhood sweethearts, even secret lovers… and his mother isn’t happy with the life she has grown accustomed to. Can he bring the star crossed lovers back together?”

The latest fantasy/romance novel of mine, Jeiklee, is now available in stores and I am already getting positive responses via email from keen readers, very glad.

Jeiklee is available in print for those who prefer a book in hand and also in digital format for your digital devices. In coming weeks it will become available in much more stores but I’m excited so I’m sharing it’s release and availability now!

Find Jeiklee by clicking here:

Have a look at the description and preview and if this book intrigues you, do buy a copy.

Thank you kindly!

Makala Thomas 🙂

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Cuddle Up Beside Me ☺️🙈💖

Cuddle up beside me,
Whisper in my ear
Hold me close and murmur
That forever, you are near

Promise me your love,
Your honesty and truth
Me and you, a Ying to Yang
Together under this roof

Let me know you want me,
Display your love and care
Show me that you are The One
A lifetime we will share

I think of you and wish it,
I wish it desperately
I wish you saw me as your Queen
And you a King to me

I think of your handsome face,
I think of your gorgeous voice,
And I realise how much I love you
I hardly have a choice…

So cuddle up beside me,
And whisper in my ear
That you are mine and I am yours,
And forever, you are near.

Makala Thomas (Miss Kelz) ☺️ 😘 💘