The Practical Mind Of A Woman

He stared at me through his melting brown eyes… I wondered what he was thinking… he pulled me closer, my arms slunk around his waist as he lowered his lips to mine… in seconds I was in the closest thing to Heaven as we sank onto the sofa, lip locked…

Before I broke away. “What are we doing?”
“I might be wrong, but I call it kissing.” Breathing hard, he smiled at me. I didnt smile back.
“This is all good here and now, but what happens after this?”
“What do you mean?”
He didnt let me answer, his mouth on mine again. I let myself fall back into the abyss of pleasure, knowing he was trying to distract me. I didnt mind; patiently I had waited for this moment to arrive.
Five minutes later, we were in the bedroom, laying on my bed. Soft music played, the dim lamp emitting a calm, soothing yellow around the room. I’d never been so relaxed, in his arms.
I looked at him looking at me, his smooth brown chest displayed in front of me. Yummy, but…
“After tonight… will you remember… this?”
Tenderly he reached for me and pulled me closer. “I will.”
“You wont tell anyone if I give myself to you?”
“No,” he said, a little impatiently. “I wont tell a soul.”
“And will you return to love me?” I asked softly, and he nodded.
Each kiss from his sweet lips set fireworks off in my mind.
“I’ve waited for this moment for so long,” he murmured, and I nodded. My point exactly.
I felt his touch caressing me, but this time I felt colder as I looked deep into his eyes.
When the morning comes… after tonight… we were what exactly?
I gently pushed him away and sat up, shaking my head. Why do it when I’m uncertain?
“What is it?”
I looked at him. A strong, chocolate muscular body, chiselled features, melting brown eyes. He was gorgeous, but…
“I dont do one night stands,” I explained. “If you want me… you’re having everything. Not just my body. If you want this-”
“I do-”
“Then you’re changing you and me into us and we. And it doesnt take five minutes to decide,” I added as I got up. In seconds I was dressed, at the door.
He stared at me, mouth hanging open. He couldnt believe it.
“When you decide, give me a call. Until then, you cant have me.”
“An ultimatum?” he said disbelievingly, and I smiled.
“If you want to call it that. I’ll see you around.”
I closed the door behind me, jogging down the stairs and through the front door.
The cool night air whipped my face, me inhaling deeply. Only when I was sat on the bus home did I wonder… should I have?

Makala Thomas


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