My thoughts are vaster than the sea,
But I’m worthless.
Everybody hates me,
Because I’m worthless.
I cant make my parents proud
Because I’m worthless.
I hardly club or get loud
Because I’m worthless.
I cant get a decent grade
Because I’m worthless.
I’ve got a job but I’m poorly paid
Because I’m worthless.
And now I’ve stopped caring for me,
Because I’m worthless.
I took a pill of ecstasy,
Because I’m worthless.

As my heart beat faster than a drum, as I gulped down water, as I collapsed on the concrete floor as I revelled in the side effects of the Devil’s medicine, I hear a voice.
“Why have you done this to yourself?”
“Because I’m worthless!”
“In the eyes of Jehovah you are precious,” the voice replied, “And in the eyes of his son you are his child. In Heaven, worthless has no meaning.”
“And in Hell?”
“Hell is the home of Satan, your enemy. Worthless, a word which he has imprinted on your brain, exists there.”
“Well that’s where I’m going, then.”
“Why, my child?”
“Because I’m worthless. Nobody loves me.”
“Jesus loves you, child. He blesses you with a second chance at life because he loves you.”

I’m happier than I’ve ever been,
Because He loves me.
I finally fulfilled my dream,
Because He loves me.
I’m out the dark; I glow with light,
Because He loves me.
I pray to Him each day and night,
Because He loves me.
And now these days, there’s not much strife,
Because He loves me.
I’ve been blessed with a purer life,
Because He loves me.

Suicide is not the answer to whatever problems you may have.

Trust and believe it will get better.

Makala Thomas.



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